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Elevate your coding prowess with our industry-leading Node.js training. Join our immersive Noed JS program to grasp the fundamentals and advanced concepts, ensuring you become proficient in server-side JavaScript. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, our course caters to all skill levels, providing a solid foundation for your Node.js journey.


Node JS Course Overview

Elevate your web development expertise with our dynamic and comprehensive Node.js training program. Designed to cater to all skill levels, our course immerses you in the fundamentals and advanced concepts of server-side JavaScript. From hands-on coding practice to real-world project implementation, our expert-led sessions ensure a holistic understanding of Node.js. Embark on a journey of skill enhancement with our specialized Node.js certification course. Validate your proficiency in Node.js development through industry-recognized certification, unlocking doors to exciting career opportunities. The course covers a wide spectrum of topics, from the basics to advanced concepts such as event-driven architecture and Node Package Manager (NPM). For those seeking flexibility, our Node.js online course is the ideal choice. With a schedule tailored to your needs, engage in interactive sessions, collaborative peer learning, and access a wealth of resources from the comfort of your space. Dive into our advanced Node.js course to tackle sophisticated challenges in web development, ensuring you stay at the forefront of industry advancements. Enroll today and chart your path to becoming a skilled and certified Node.js developer.

As per the StackOverflow Survey 2024, approximately 19,793 developers express a preference for Node.js, having both past experience and a desire to continue working with it. It's no surprise that Node.js Frameworks rank among the most sought-after tools for web development in 2024.

In 2023, about 6.3 million websites were actively using Node.js, solidifying its position as the predominant tool in web development.

For entry-level Node.js developers with under three years of experience, the average annual compensation stands at Rs. 4.1 lakh. Meanwhile, an experienced Node.js developer with 10–20 years of expertise commands an average salary of 18.3 lakhs per year, surpassing the earnings of mid-career developers with 4–9 years of experience.

Job market research reveals a notable 57% increase in Node.js job openings in the past year, solidifying its status as one of the top ten tech talents in demand.

Key Features

Engage in practical coding sessions for real-world Node.js mastery.
Develop skills to build robust server applications using JavaScript.
Master asynchronous patterns for efficient and scalable Node.js applications.
Learn Express.js to simplify and streamline Node.js web development.
Explore building RESTful APIs for seamless integration in web applications.
Integrate databases like MongoDB to store and retrieve data efficiently.
Understand and implement middleware for customizing Node.js server behavior.
Utilize NPM for package management and dependency handling in Node.js.
Implement security measures for creating secure and resilient Node.js applications.
Gain insights into deploying and scaling Node.js applications for production.

Who All Can Attend This Node JS Training Course?

The Node.js training course is designed to accommodate a variety of professional roles and individuals seeking advancement. It is a suitable choice for:

# Web Developers
# JavaScript Developers
# Backend Developers
# System Administrators
# Technical Architects
# Students and Graduates
# Entrepreneurs and Start-up Enthusiasts
# DevOps Professionals
# Tech Enthusiasts
# Anyone Interested in Server-Side JavaScript
Prerequisites To Take Node JS Training

An individual has to meet certain eligibility criteria to attend the Node JS course. The prerequisites for attending Node JS training are:

  • Basic understanding of web development fundamentals is recommended.
  • Basic Problem solving and Analytical Skills

Skills Focused
  • Asynchronous JavaScript Programming Mastery
  • Server-Side Development Expertise Enhancement
  • Efficient Event-Driven Architecture Implementation
  • Node Package Manager (NPM) Proficiency
  • Real-World Project Implementation Skills
  • Seamless Network Applications Development
  • Hands-On Node.js Coding Practice
Why Node JS Training ?

Unlock the advantages of Node.js with our comprehensive training program. Our specialized Node.js course provides hands-on learning, covering fundamental and advanced concepts. Elevate your skills through real-world projects, and validate your expertise with a recognized Node.js certification upon completion. With flexible schedules, our online Node.js course caters to your convenience, ensuring seamless learning from anywhere. Gain a competitive edge in web development with our advanced Node.js course, focusing on cutting-edge techniques. Enroll today to harness the full potential of Node.js, shaping a successful career in the dynamic world of web development.

  • Career Advancement: Mastering Node.js opens doors to lucrative opportunities, enhancing your skills and making you a valuable asset in web development.
  • Efficient and Scalable Development: Node.js enables faster, scalable application development, boosting your efficiency and productivity as a developer.
  • Versatile Skill Set: Acquiring Node.js proficiency diversifies your skill set, making you adept in server-side JavaScript and sought after by employers.
  • Real-world Project Experience: Learning Node.js involves hands-on projects, providing practical experience crucial for your confidence and competence in real-world scenarios.

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Node JS Training Syllabus

  • Understanding Node.js and its architecture
  • Installing Node.js and NPM
  • Exploring the Node.js runtime environment

  • Refreshing JavaScript fundamentals
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and its importance
  • Callbacks and Promises

  • Creating and using modules
  • Exploring core modules
  • Creating custom modules

  • Introduction to Express.js
  • Building RESTful APIs with Express
  • Middleware and routing in Express

  • Introduction to MongoDB
  • Interacting with MongoDB using Mongoose
  • Integrating MongoDB with Node.js

  • Building a basic web application with Node.js
  • Templating engines (e.g., EJS)
  • Handling forms and user input

  • Implementing user authentication
  • Understanding authorization and access control
  • Securing Node.js applications

  • Introduction to Socket.IO
  • Building real-time applications
  • Implementing bidirectional communication

  • Writing unit tests with Mocha and Chai
  • Debugging Node.js applications
  • Performance optimization techniques

  • Deploying Node.js applications
  • Configuring and using process managers
  • Scaling strategies for Node.js applications

  • GraphQL and its integration with Node.js
  • Microservices architecture with Node.js
  • Serverless computing with Node.js

  • Capstone project to apply learned concepts
  • Code reviews and optimization
  • Showcase and presentation of projects

Globally Renowned Trainers

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Career Path


Junior Node.js Developer

Associate Node.js Developer

Node.js Developer

Senior Node.js Developer

Lead Node.js Developer

Node.js Development Manager

Director of Node.js Development

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Certification Process


Enroll in Node.js training.


Access course materials online.


Attend video lectures regularly.


Complete hands-on coding exercises.


Engage in peer discussions actively.


Submit assignments for evaluation.


Participate in live coding sessions.


Take regular progress assessments.


Prepare for final certification exam.


Achieve Node.js expert certification and start attending Interviews

Why Corporates Prefer LearnNThrive To Upskill Their Teams

As a one-stop training service provider, we strive to be versatile and scalable to the needs of our clients with vast experience in the industry. Our hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure the quality of our services. We work with a large number of companies who extensively appreciate the high-quality work delivered by us and the top-notch training we provide.

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  • 400+ Companies Association Across Geographies
  • 20+ Trending Technology resources sourced
  • 10+ Certifications Made An Impact on the organizations
  • Work satisfaction and capabilities improved by 30% on an average
  • All Companies & Countries Compliant
  • Pre & Post Training Support
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  • Huge Pool Of Consultants & Facilitators To Cater To Any Kind Of Need
  • Customized Learning As Per The Corporates/Team's Preferences
  • Platformed Based Learning
  • Efficiency increased by 60%

Frequently Asked Questions

Connect With Reps

Node.js developers are garnering significant attention, ranking among the top ten most sought-after roles. The demand for Node.js developers has surged by approximately 2500 percent. Our Node.js certification course provides comprehensive knowledge to kickstart your journey in this high-demand field.

The candidate's qualification is contingent on the requisite skill set for the position, encompassing the following essential job prerequisites:

  • Proficiency in Node.js
  • Node.js programming skills
  • Familiarity with Frameworks in Node.js and adept coding practices
  • Knowledge of front-end applications
  • Experience with user authorization and authentication
  • Competence in error-handling
  • Proficiency in designing database schemes, among other capabilities

In Bangalore, our NodeJS training ensures comprehensive learning, guiding you from fundamentals to crafting a full-fledged web application. The course features consistent hands-on practice and live project engagement. Our trainers bring real-time workplace scenarios into the learning environment, offering invaluable project guidance based on industry expertise. Throughout the course, we provide project support and conduct interview preparation sessions, instilling confidence. Our extensive connections in the job market enhance your prospects, facilitating job attainment when coupled with your dedicated efforts and proactive approach to opportunities.

To do this course, you would need a computer with a minimum 4 GB ram and Windows 8 or later (64 bit).

Gain complimentary access to Placement Preparation Training on the platform, encompassing resume and cover letter writing, guidance on internship and job search on our site, and interview preparation.

If you miss classes, you can get recording sessions of the lectures.

In India, Node.js professionals earn an average annual salary of approximately ₹6 to ₹10 lakhs, depending on experience. Entry-level developers typically start around ₹4 lakhs, while senior developers with extensive expertise can command salaries exceeding ₹18 lakhs. These figures vary based on factors like skills, location, and company size.

Node.js functions as a web development tool rather than constituting a distinct programming language. Individuals equipped with JavaScript proficiency may find the learning curve for Node.js to be more accessible.

Yes. We provide the signed certificate of completion once You Complete the Node.js Training.

Highly skilled instructors with extensive industry experience deliver our Node.js training. Our trainers are experts in Node.js development, providing comprehensive knowledge and real-world insights. They use a dynamic and engaging teaching approach, ensuring that participants receive the best education and guidance throughout the training program.

Certainly, you are welcome to request a support session if you require further clarification on the topics. Feel free to reach out, and we'll arrange a session to ensure your understanding is enhanced.However, individual session assistance is available for six months from the commencement of your course.

Yes you can pay the fees in installments.For more details contact our support team.

Node.js serves as a swift, responsive, high-throughput server-side platform, favored by major companies such as LinkedIn, NASA, and Facebook for product development and innovation. It stands out for the following reasons in shaping the future of web implementations:

  • Accessibility for self-taught developers.
  • Rapid growth as a JavaScript framework.
  • Boosts productivity, application performance, and developer satisfaction, leading to cost and time savings in the development process.

Embark on a transformative learning journey with our comprehensive Node.js training. In this dynamic Node Js course, we delve deep into the fundamentals of Node.js, equipping you with the skills needed to navigate server-side JavaScript effortlessly. Our expert-led Node Js training sessions ensure a solid foundation, covering everything from asynchronous programming to building scalable network applications. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, our Node JS training program caters to all skill levels, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Comprehensive Node.js Course

Our Node.js certification course is designed to elevate your web development expertise. Dive into the intricacies of Node.js with hands-on projects and real-world applications. Immerse yourself in advanced topics, including event-driven architecture and the Node Package Manager (NPM). As you progress, our Node JS course prepares you for success in the ever-evolving landscape of web development. Acquire the confidence to tackle complex challenges and stand out in the competitive tech industry with our industry-recognized certification.

Flexible Learning with Node.js Online Course

Embarking on your Node.js journey has never been more accessible. Our Node.js online course offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace, allowing you to balance your professional commitments while acquiring valuable skills. Engage in interactive sessions, collaborate with peers, and access a wealth of resources to enrich your learning experience. Join the ranks of successful developers who have honed their Node.js expertise through our online platform. Take the leap towards a rewarding career with our advanced Node.js course and stay ahead in the fast-paced world of web development.

Enroll today in Node JS course and unlock the full potential of Node.js with our comprehensive Node JS training program. Whether you're aiming for a career boost, certification validation, or simply want to master advanced Node.js concepts, our Node JS course is your gateway to success.