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Transform your career with our dynamic performance marketing course at the renowned Performance Marketing Institute. Elevate your skills through expert-led performance marketing training, unlocking opportunities in top-notch performance marketing agencies. Take the first step towards success!


Performance Marketing Course Overview

Elevate your marketing expertise with our comprehensive performance marketing course at the esteemed Performance Marketing Institute. Our program is designed to provide in-depth performance marketing training, equipping you with the skills demanded by leading performance marketing agencies, companies, and services. Delve into practical learning, gaining insights into real-world tactics and strategies to drive unparalleled results. Led by industry experts, our course ensures you not only master the essentials but also earn a recognized performance marketing certification. Join us to transform your career and become a sought-after professional in the dynamic realm of digital marketing.

According to AmbitionBox, the typical salary for Social Media Advertising Manager role is between ₹ 1.5 lakhs and ₹ 19.4 lakhs

According to Glassdoor A Programmatic Specialist in India typically earns ₹10,92,247 annually

Worldwide advertising expenditure is expected to rise by 7.4% in 2025, reaching $225 billion

2024 year’s advertising expenditures are anticipated to be worth Rs 107,987 crores in India

Key Features

Strategic Campaign Optimization
Data-Driven Marketing Techniques
Expert-Led Practical Sessions
Real-world Case Studies
Certification upon Completion
Industry-Relevant Insights
Latest performance marketing techniques and tools
Best In Class Faculty
Live Classes With Proper Guidance
Jobs and internships assistance
Updated Performance Marketing course recordings

Who All Can Attend This Performance Marketing Training Course?

The Performance Marketing training course accommodates various professional roles and anyone seeking growth. This course suits for:

# Marketing Professionals
# Business Owners
# Digital Marketers
# Advertising Executives
# Entrepreneurs
# Communication Specialists
# Anyone Seeking Career Growth
Prerequisites To Take Performance Marketing Training

  • Basic Copywriting skills
  • Basic Reasoning skills
  • Basics Analytics Skills
  • Understanding Of Basic Digital Marketing Terminologies
  • Passion for Continuous Learning

Skills Focused
  • ROI Optimization
  • Conversion Boosting
  • Strategic Mastery
  • Analytics Proficiency
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Certified Expertise
Why Performance Marketing Training ?

Unlock a world of opportunities with our Performance Marketing Training Course at the prestigious Performance Marketing Institute. Acquire in-depth insights into cutting-edge strategies, honing skills crucial for success in leading performance marketing agencies and companies. Our program ensures hands-on, practical learning, empowering you to optimize campaigns, boost ROI, and master data-driven decision-making. Upon completion, receive a recognized performance marketing certification, validating your expertise. Join us to transform your career, gaining the competitive edge needed in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing services. Elevate your professional journey with our comprehensive training benefits.

  • Career Advancement: Gain in-demand skills, positioning yourself for promotions and new opportunities in the competitive field of marketing.
  • ROI Mastery: Acquire expertise in optimizing return on investment, ensuring your marketing efforts yield maximum results and impact.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Learn to harness data for strategic insights, enabling informed decisions that drive success and elevate your marketing campaigns.
  • Certification Validation: Earn a recognized certification, validating your proficiency and signaling to employers your commitment to excellence in performance marketing.
  • Strategic Marketing Mastery: Develop a strategic mindset, mastering the art of performance marketing to create impactful and successful marketing campaigns that stand out.

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Performance Marketing Training Syllabus

In this segment of our industry-recognized certifications, you'll grasp and implement the basics of Performance Marketing. Discover a strategic approach, eliminating the need for guesswork and fixed ad budgets. Learn to define precise budgets to achieve targeted results for your marketing campaigns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grasp the fundamentals of performance marketing.
  • Explore the process of setting a marketing budget effectively.
  • Understand the advantages of performance marketing.
  • Engage in industry research to enhance your marketing insights.

In this section, we'll demonstrate the construction of a digital media strategy and guide you through budgeting for upcoming campaigns. A fundamental aspect of performance marketing, this aids in optimal fund allocation, fostering sustainable business growth.

Key Learning Points:

  • Grasping marketing goals for effective strategies.
  • Implementing marketing automation investments.
  • Maintaining flexibility in the digital marketing budget.
  • Identifying key inclusions in digital marketing strategies.

Facebook advertising operates on the widely used Pay-per-click model, making it a dominant online advertising system. In our performance marketing course, with placement assistance, you will learn how to use ad creation to micro-target precise audiences and more.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Identifying optimal ad types.
  • Implementing business-specific goals.
  • Utilizing powerful in-depth data.
  • Conducting A/B ad testing for performance enhancement

A performance marketing funnel results from a blend of tactics aimed at generating traffic for your business. An integral component for converting web traffic into customers. In this segment of our online performance marketing certification course, we guide you in constructing a personalized marketing funnel, categorized into stages: foundation, floodgates, and the actual sales funnel.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Application of the AIDAA formula for funnel construction.
  • Understanding the digital marketing sales funnel.
  • Techniques for optimizing sales funnels.

As a performance marketer, your capacity to produce compelling content holds the key to the success of your sales endeavors. Even as a business owner, content creation is pivotal for education and awareness building. In this section of our online performance marketing certification course, we will guide you through the intricacies of creating impeccable copy for your website, social media, emails, and more.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Prioritizing customer focus in your copy.
  • Simplifying sentence structures for clarity.
  • Infusing urgency and scarcity into your content.
  • Directing users on actionable steps.

Numerous digital marketers struggle to yield substantial returns on ad investments. Scaling up your Facebook ads goes beyond merely increasing spending; it's about ensuring enhanced returns. This module in our online performance marketing certification course teaches you valuable strategies.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Strategies for expanding audience size effectively.
  • Techniques to broaden location targeting.
  • Creating an effective funnel for optimal results.
  • Implementing audience segmentation for precision.

While many marketers depend on Facebook for targeting specific audiences, the assumption that Facebook inherently segments users effectively is a misconception. To overcome this limitation and reach a highly-targeted audience, our course instructs students on utilizing AI and ML-based tools.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Scaling ads effectively through AI.
  • Adjusting audience locations for precision.
  • Fine-tuning audience segments for optimal targeting.

Strategic planning and meticulous execution can help you achieve prominence on Google's results page without breaking the bank. In this section of our industry-recognized performance marketing certifications, we guide students in mastering the art of designing effective Google Ads for optimal outcomes.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Defining clear objectives for successful Google Ads.
  • Implementing strategies for targeting long-tail keywords.
  • Optimizing landing pages for enhanced performance.
  • Grasping the intricacies of automation in Google Ads.

Effective ad campaigns demand meticulous setup from the start. We guide you in achieving the perfect balance between planning and executing Ads. Additionally, we demonstrate how to maximize results with a minimal budget and when to strategically increase bidding.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Constructing an outstanding advertising structure.
  • Techniques for boosting a high-quality score.
  • Leveraging third-party extensions for enhanced performance.
  • Analyzing and interpreting campaign results.

Placing ads is ineffective without proper tracking. In this segment, we guide students in diverse methods to track traffic from Google and other ad formats. Learn seamless code implementation on your website, ensuring effortless tracking without any disruptions.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Implementing tracking codes effectively.
  • Establishing GTM tags for streamlined tracking.
  • Incorporating landing page codes for precision.
  • Navigating Google AdWords for comprehensive insights.

Google Ads boast a 50% higher click rate for video campaigns. Consequently, we instruct students on creating impactful display and video campaigns. Learn to harness leads and convert them into sales through strategic planning and optimal use of Google display ads.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Planning effective Google search display ads.
  • Utilizing the Google Analytics suite for insightful analytics.
  • Boosting traffic with strategically placed display ads.
  • Influencing consumer purchasing decisions through proven methods

This module focuses on imparting the significance of campaign optimization to students. Optimizing ads not only ensures efficiency but also saves costs. A skilled digital marketer creates ads at a more affordable price point than competitors.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Mastering campaign analysis for informed decisions.
  • Understanding crucial metrics for campaign success.
  • Exploring diverse optimization techniques.
  • Strategies for enhancing traffic from ads.

As one of the oldest social media platforms, LinkedIn remains a powerhouse, particularly for B2B marketing. Marketers must harness the potential of LinkedIn Ads to propel business growth and elevate brand value.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Crafting effective content for LinkedIn.
  • Understanding distinctions between LinkedIn and other social platforms.
  • Implementing impactful LinkedIn ads.
  • Utilizing diverse methods to identify the right audience and tags.

As an additional component in our performance marketing certification course, the Job Search Readiness module focuses on preparing you for interviews. Learn effective self-presentation, handling unfamiliar questions, and making a positive impression on interviewers.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Building a professional network.
  • Enhancing interviewing skills.
  • Strategizing career mapping.
  • Crafting compelling examples to showcase your skills.

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Career Path


Performance Marketing Intern

Junior Performance Marketer

Performance Marketing Analyst

Performance Marketing Specialist

Senior Performance Marketer

Performance Marketing Manager

Director of Performance Marketing

Head of Performance Marketing

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Certification Process


Begin your journey by registering for the comprehensive Performance Marketing Training course.


Successfully navigate and complete all modules by attending classes, ensuring a thorough understanding of performance marketing strategies and tactics.


Engage in quizzes and assessments designed to reinforce your learning.


Apply your knowledge by submitting a final project showcasing practical application.


Expert instructors will evaluate your performance, providing valuable feedback to enhance your skills.


Upon successful completion, receive a recognized certification, validating your proficiency in performance marketing strategies and techniques.

Why Corporates Prefer LearnNThrive To Upskill Their Teams

As a one-stop training service provider, we strive to be versatile and scalable to the needs of our clients with vast experience in the industry. Our hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure the quality of our services. We work with a large number of companies who extensively appreciate the high-quality work delivered by us and the top-notch training we provide.

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Key Points

  • 400+ Companies Association Across Geographies
  • 20+ Trending Technology resources sourced
  • 10+ Certifications Made An Impact on the organizations
  • Work satisfaction and capabilities improved by 30% on an average
  • All Companies & Countries Compliant
  • Pre & Post Training Support
  • Transformed 3000+ Companies & Counting
  • Huge Pool Of Consultants & Facilitators To Cater To Any Kind Of Need
  • Customized Learning As Per The Corporates/Team's Preferences
  • Platformed Based Learning
  • Efficiency increased by 60%

Frequently Asked Questions

Connect With Reps

Enrolling in the performance marketing course has minimal prerequisites. A computer or even a smart tablet and a reliable internet connection are sufficient. Additionally, it is advisable for individuals to have completed high school before undertaking this course.

Certainly, our performance marketing course enables students to fully embrace remote learning. In addition to online classes, we incorporate interactive problem-solving sessions to address any queries that may arise during self-guided study.

Certainly, our courses feature regularly updated modules and syllabi to ensure our students acquire the latest skills aligned with industry standards. We revise the syllabus every three to six months, incorporating changes reflecting the dynamic nature of digital marketing. By enrolling in our courses, you gain insights into the current tools and techniques utilized by digital marketers globally.

Each interaction between students and our faculty is meticulously recorded. This allows you to review it multiple times for a thorough understanding. In instances where live sessions are missed, you can catch up at your convenience, preparing for upcoming sessions

The program spans approximately three months, covering everything from the initial stages to the completion, during which you earn multiple certificates for the tools mastered.

Throughout the course duration, you will gain proficiency in various tools like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram Ad Manager, LinkedIn Ad Manager, and more. Certain tools necessitate certifications. Consequently, after instructing you on their usage, passing an exam is mandatory for certification attainment.

A performance marketer can expect a dynamic career with opportunities in digital advertising, data analysis, and strategic planning. With expertise in optimizing campaigns and boosting ROI, they are sought after in various industries, ensuring a promising career path with room for growth and specialization

There are various payment options available for the course. For installment plans, we recommend reaching out to us for personalized assistance. At LearnNThrive, we prioritize ensuring that course fees are the least of your concerns when enrolling.

Certainly! LearnNThrive’s certificates should be highlighted during interviews, offering credibility to your learning. As a prominent digital marketing institute, our reputation enhances your profile, signaling to interviewers that you've received training from a reputable and established institution.

Certainly, upon completion of this course, you'll be well-equipped to pursue various entry-level performance marketing positions. Our program includes a dedicated module on interview preparation, refining soft skills, ensuring you're not only knowledgeable but also confident and presentable for job interviews. Our aim is to expedite the process of securing a job for our students.

Upon completing this performance marketing course, you can anticipate securing roles such as a Performance Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Analyst, or Social Media Advertising Coordinator. The comprehensive training equips you with the skills demanded by the industry, enhancing your prospects for exciting and rewarding positions in the field

Certainly, should you opt for the evening session

The complete training will be conducted in English. Proficiency in English communication, both spoken and written, is required and anticipated.

Unlock your potential and propel your career forward with our comprehensive performance marketing course. At the Performance Marketing Institute, we are committed to providing top-notch performance marketing training that equips you with the skills needed to thrive in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Our expert-led courses cover a spectrum of strategies employed by leading performance marketing agencies and companies, ensuring you receive industry-relevant insights.

Comprehensive Performance Training for Success

Our performance marketing course goes beyond the basics, delving into advanced techniques employed by successful performance marketing service providers. Whether you're a marketing professional looking to upskill or an entrepreneur aiming to take control of your online presence, our performance marketing course offers practical knowledge and hands-on experience. With our guidance, you'll understand how to optimize campaigns, enhance ROI, and implement strategies that set you apart in the competitive digital landscape. Earn your performance marketing certification with confidence, knowing you've mastered the skills sought after by today's leading businesses.

Why Choose Our Performance Marketing Course?

When you enroll in our program, you benefit from a curriculum designed by industry experts who understand the ever-evolving nature of digital marketing. Gain a competitive edge as you learn from real-world case studies and stay updated on the latest trends. Our commitment to your success is reflected in our emphasis on practical application, ensuring you leave the course not just with knowledge, but with the ability to make a measurable impact. Join us at the Performance Marketing Institute and take the first step toward becoming a sought-after professional in the field. Elevate your career with our performance marketing course today!