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Master the art of Programmatic Advertising with our comprehensive Certification Training. Dive deep into targeting, bidding strategies, and campaign optimization. Learn from industry experts and gain hands-on experience to excel in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. Enroll now to validate your expertise with our Programmatic Advertising Certification Training. Boost your career and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of online advertising.


Programmatic Advertising Course Overview

Programmatic Advertising training delves into automated ad-buying processes, focusing on data-driven targeting and real-time optimization. Participants learn bidding strategies, campaign management, and ad creative optimization. The Programmatic Advertising certification course emphasizes data analytics and insights for effective decision-making. With hands-on exercises and industry case studies, learners grasp the intricacies of programmatic advertising, gaining practical skills to drive successful digital campaigns. From understanding programmatic ecosystems to mastering ad tech platforms, this Programmatic Advertising training equips professionals with the expertise needed to thrive in the dynamic world of digital advertising.

Marketers are spending more than 50% of their media budget into programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising is expected to surpass $200 billion for the first time in 2023 and it will approach $300 billion by 2026.

19% of advertisers are increasing their programmatic spend due to better ROI and performance.

Global programmatic budgets are expected to increase by over $300 billion in the next four years

Key Features

Covers fundamental concepts and advanced strategies in programmatic advertising.
Provides practical exercises and real-world case studies for skill application.
Offers insights into current trends, best practices, and emerging technologies in programmatic advertising.
Learn from industry professionals with extensive experience in digital advertising and programmatic buying.
Tailored to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced professionals in digital marketing.
Offers a recognized certification upon successful completion of the training, validating expertise in programmatic advertising.

Who All Can Attend This Programmatic Advertising Course Course?

The Programmatic Advertising course is suitable for individuals in the following roles:

# Digital Marketers
# Advertising Managers
# Media Planners
# Marketing Analysts
# Campaign Managers
# Brand Managers
# Ad Operations Specialists
# Media Buyers
# Advertising Sales Professionals
# Business Owners
Prerequisites To Take Programmatic Advertising Course

Prerequisites for the Programmatic Advertising certification course include:

  • Basic understanding of digital marketing concepts.
  • Familiarity with online advertising platforms.
  • Knowledge of data analytics fundamentals.

Skills Focused
  • Data-driven targeting strategies
  • Real-time bidding optimization
  • Campaign management techniques
  • Ad creative optimization tactics
  • Analytical decision-making skills
  • Ad tech platform proficiency
  • Industry trend awareness
Why Programmatic Advertising Course ?

Programmatic Advertising training offers an invaluable opportunity to delve into the dynamic world of digital advertising. By attending this Programmatic Advertising course, participants gain insights into cutting-edge technologies and strategies driving modern advertising campaigns. From mastering data-driven targeting to optimizing bidding strategies in real-time, attendees acquire practical skills essential for success in the digital marketplace. Additionally, the Programmatic Advertising certification training provides a deep understanding of programmatic ecosystems and industry trends, empowering marketers to stay ahead of the curve. With hands-on experience and expert guidance, participants unlock the potential to drive impactful advertising campaigns, maximize ROI, and propel their careers in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

  • Enhanced Skill Set: Acquire in-demand skills in data-driven targeting, bidding optimization, and campaign management.
  • Career Advancement: Expand career opportunities in digital marketing, advertising agencies, and media companies.
  • Increased Employability: Stand out to employers with specialized knowledge and certification in programmatic advertising.
  • Higher Earning Potential: Access roles with competitive salaries due to the demand for programmatic advertising expertise.
  • Industry Recognition: Gain recognition as a certified programmatic advertising professional, enhancing credibility and reputation.
  • Stay Updated: Stay abreast of industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies in digital advertising.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry peers, experts, and potential employers to foster professional relationships and opportunities.

By investing in Programmatic Advertising training, individuals can unlock their potential, stay competitive in the job market, and thrive in the dynamic field of digital advertising.

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Programmatic Advertising Course Syllabus

  • Evolution of programmatic advertising
  • Online advertising platforms
  • Understanding IAB
  • Concept of programmatic advertising
  • What are audience data
  • Future of programmatic advertising
  • Benefits of programmatic advertising
  • Challenges of programmatic advertising
  • Compare Google Ads with Programmatic
  • Various ad frauds

  • Different types of programmatic advertising
  • Understanding RTB & its components
  • The working principle of RTB
  • Understand the difference between Programmatic buying & RTB
  • Bid Request
  • Bid Response

  • Different types of deals/auctions in programmatic advertising
  • Introduction to DSP
  • Introduction to SSP

  • Understanding Ad Exchanges and Ad serving
  • Ad Network Vs Ad Exchange
  • Understand SSP
  • How SSP works
  • Different SSP’s
  • Understand DSP
  • How DSP works
  • Different DSP’s
  • Meta DSP

  • What is ATD’s
  • How ATD is different from DSP
  • Types of audience data

  • Understand DMP
  • Different DMP platforms
  • DMP for advertisers
  • DMP for publishers
  • How DMP users are billed

  • Ad Servers
  • Line Items and Publisher tags
  • Understanding attribution
  • Different attribution models
  • Comparison between the different attribution models

  • Understanding Ad Units
  • List and understand the different ad types
  • Understanding different web feeds
  • Video Ads
  • IAB standards for video ads
  • Recommendation widgets

  • Understanding Cookie
  • Different types of cookies
  • First price RTB auction
  • Second price RTB auction
  • eCPM
  • Important terms related to programmatic advertising

  • What is Ad Verification?
  • Need for Ad verification?
  • How Ad verification works
  • Ad verification vendors
  • Working on the waterfall model

  • What is Ad Trafficking?
  • Who is an ad trafficker?
  • Ad Trafficking and Display Trafficking

  • GDPR
  • Ads.Txt

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Career Path


Digital Marketing Assistant

Advertising Operations Coordinator

Media Buying Assistant

Ad Operations Specialist

Programmatic Campaign Manager

Digital Media Buyer

Programmatic Advertising Manager

Ad Tech Specialist

Digital Marketing Analyst

Programmatic Advertising Director

Digital Marketing Manager

Media Planning Manager

Senior Programmatic Strategist

Ad Tech Product Manager

Head of Programmatic Advertising

Vice President of Digital Marketing

Director of Media and Advertising

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


Certification Process


Enroll in a recognized Programmatic Advertising certification course offered by LearnNThrive


Complete the Programmatic Advertising course, which covers topics such as programmatic advertising fundamentals, ad tech platforms, data analytics, campaign optimization, and industry trends.


Participate in skill assessments, quizzes, assignments, and practical exercises to demonstrate understanding and proficiency in programmatic advertising concepts and techniques.


Engage in a capstone project where you apply learned skills to create and optimize a programmatic advertising campaign.


Upon completing the coursework and capstone project, you may be required to pass a certification exam to validate your knowledge and competency in programmatic advertising principles and practices.


Upon successfully passing the certification exam and fulfilling all Programmatic Advertising training course requirements, you will receive a Programmatic Advertising certification, which serves as a testament to your expertise and proficiency in the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Connect With Reps

Programmatic Advertising certification validates proficiency and expertise in programmatic advertising principles, strategies, and technologies.

Professionals in digital marketing, advertising, media planning, and related fields can benefit from Programmatic Advertising certification course to enhance their skills and advance their careers.

Programmatic Advertising training cover topics such as ad tech platforms, real-time bidding, targeting strategies, campaign optimization, data analytics, and emerging trends in programmatic advertising.

There are no strict prerequisites for Programmatic Advertising certification training, however a basic understanding of digital marketing concepts and experience with online advertising platforms is beneficial.

The duration of Programmatic Advertising certification course varies from 10-12 weeks, depending on the course format, intensity, and curriculum.

Programmatic Advertising certification validates expertise, enhances credibility, increases employability, and provides recognition in the digital advertising industry.

Programmatic Advertising certification can be worth it for individuals seeking to establish themselves as professional programmatic advertising experts, advance their careers, and gain recognition in the digital advertising industry.

After completing a Programmatic Advertising certification course, you can pursue roles such as Programmatic Advertising Manager, Digital Media Buyer, Ad Operations Specialist, Programmatic Campaign Manager, and Digital Marketing Analyst.

Yes, the Programmatic Advertising certification course is available online, offering flexibility and convenience for learners to study at their own pace from anywhere with an internet connection.

Yes, upon successful completion of a Programmatic Advertising certification course candidates receive a certificate from LearnNThrive, validating their expertise in programmatic advertising.

You can include your Programmatic Advertising certification under the "Certifications" section of your resume and LinkedIn profile, along with the certification provider's name, certification title, and the date of certification.

Yes, the Programmatic Advertising training cater to individuals with varying levels of experience. Beginners can start with introductory courses and gradually build their knowledge and skills in programmatic advertising.

The Programmatic Advertising certification training provides access to instructors, mentors, or support staff who offer guidance, feedback, and assistance throughout the course duration.

The cost of Programmatic Advertising certification courses varies depending on factors such as the course format, duration, and included features.

Programmatic Advertising certification training offered by reputable institutions, professional organizations, and industry leaders are generally recognized and valued by employers in the digital advertising industry.

Yes, completing a Programmatic Advertising certification course equips individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to transition into a career in programmatic advertising, regardless of their previous professional background or experience.

To stay updated on programmatic advertising trends and advancements, certified professionals can participate in industry events, webinars, forums, and online communities, and engage in continuous learning and professional development activities.

Are you ready to become a master in Programmatic Advertising? Dive into our comprehensive Programmatic Advertising Certification Course and unlock the secrets to effective digital marketing. Our Programmatic Advertising Course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the fast-paced world of online advertising. Join our Programmatic Advertising Certification Training and take your marketing career to new heights. With our Programmatic Advertising Training Course, you'll learn from industry experts and gain hands-on experience through practical exercises and real-world case studies.

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In our Programmatic Advertising Certification Course, you'll delve deep into the intricacies of programmatic advertising, including targeting, bidding strategies, ad formats, and campaign optimization. Whether you're a digital marketer, advertiser, or business owner, our Programmatic Advertising course will provide you with the tools and techniques needed to drive successful advertising campaigns and maximize your ROI.

Our Programmatic Advertising Training Course covers everything from the fundamentals of programmatic advertising to advanced strategies for optimizing campaign performance. You'll learn how to leverage data and analytics to make informed decisions, target the right audience segments, and optimize ad creative for maximum impact.

By completing our Programmatic Advertising Certification Course, you'll gain a competitive edge in the digital marketing landscape and open doors to exciting career opportunities in advertising agencies, marketing firms, and corporate marketing departments. Our industry-recognized certification will validate your expertise and demonstrate your commitment to excellence in programmatic advertising.

With our Programmatic Advertising Training Online, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever it's convenient for you. Whether you're a seasoned marketer looking to expand your skill set or a newcomer to the world of digital advertising, our Programmatic Advertising course is tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Don't wait any longer to take your digital marketing career to the next level. Enroll in our Programmatic Advertising Certification Course today and join the ranks of certified programmatic advertising experts. Let us help you unleash the full potential of your advertising campaigns and drive unparalleled results in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.