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Why Our Program Is Most Preferred and Suggested?

Our program concept is proven to build a solid career and gives you an entry to high paying and secured career, mean while it ensures the learning is all fun and happens in the right way building you from all perspectives.

Real-Time Project Experience

Bootcamps often provide participants with the opportunity to work on real projects in simulated or agency-based environments. This hands-on experience helps participants gain practical skills and exposure to real-world challenges, making them more job-ready.

Career Advancement and High-Paying Opportunities

Bootcamps focus on equipping participants with in-demand skills and knowledge that are highly valued in the job market. By gaining these skills, individuals can enhance their career prospects and potentially access higher-paying job opportunities.

Experience and Internship Certificates

Bootcamps often offer experience and internship certificates upon completion of the program. These certificates validate the participant's practical experience and add credibility to their resume, making them more attractive to potential employers

Pay Slips for Work Experience

Some Bootcamps provide opportunities for participants to work on real projects within the Bootcamps environment, allowing them to earn pay slips for their work. This not only provides financial compensation but also serves as proof of their practical experience in a professional setting.

Preferred by Employers

As Bootcamps focus on job-specific skills and provide practical experience, employers often value candidates who have completed Bootcamps. Bootcamps graduates are seen as more experienced and capable of contributing immediately to the workplace, making them a preferred choice for employers.

Market Entry as an Experienced Professional

Bootcamps offer a pathway for individuals to enter the job market as experienced professionals rather than as trainees or entry-level candidates. This can give them a competitive advantage when seeking employment or negotiating their salaries.

Ability to Bargain for Higher Salaries

With experience certificates from Bootcamps, individuals have the leverage to negotiate their salaries based on their practical experience and the skills they have acquired. This can potentially result in higher starting salaries or improved bargaining power during salary negotiations.

Overall, Bootcamps are preferred in 2024 because they provide individuals with practical experience, job-specific skills, industry-recognized certificates, and the potential for higher-paying careers. They offer a fast and focused approach to skill development, enabling individuals to enter the job market with a competitive edge and the ability to negotiate their compensation based on their demonstrated experience.

Prerequisites To Take Java Bootcamps
  • Basic Programming Knowledge
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Basic HTML/CSS
  • Time and Commitment

We welcome students with varying levels of experience, including those who may not meet all the prerequisites listed here. Our Bootcamp is designed to accommodate learners at different stages.

Program Highlights



Practice Tests


Client Interactions

Here are some key highlights of a Java Bootcamps
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
    The key highlight of our Java Bootcamp is its comprehensive curriculum. We take pride in offering a well-structured program that covers every aspect of Java development. From fundamentals to advanced topics, our curriculum is meticulously designed to ensure students gain a deep understanding of Java. Join us for a transformative learning journey!
  • Hands-on Learning
    One of the standout features of our Java Bootcamp is the emphasis on hands-on learning. We believe that practical experience is the key to mastering Java. Our bootcamp offers extensive coding exercises, real-world projects, and mentorship, ensuring that every participant not only understands Java's concepts but can apply them confidently.
  • Industry-Relevant Tools and Technologies
    The Java Bootcamp stands out for its commitment to industry relevance. It equips participants with cutting-edge tools and technologies essential for modern Java development. From IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA to frameworks like Spring and Hibernate, this bootcamp ensures that graduates are well-prepared to tackle real-world Java projects with confidence.
  • Expert Instructors
    One of the key highlights of our Java Bootcamp is the caliber of our instructors. They're not just teachers; they're industry experts with a wealth of real-world experience. Their guidance and mentorship provide invaluable insights, ensuring that our participants learn from the best.
  • Networking Opportunities
    Our Java Bootcamp not only equips you with technical expertise but also fosters valuable networking connections. Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, collaborate on projects, and engage with experienced mentors. Forge relationships that can boost your career long after the bootcamp ends. Experience the synergy of learning and networking at its best!
  • Career Support
    One of the standout features of our Java Bootcamp is the unwavering commitment to your career journey. Beyond imparting Java skills, we offer comprehensive career support. From resume building to interview prep, our expert guidance ensures you're not just a skilled programmer but a confident professional ready to conquer the tech world.
  • Flexibility and Intensity
    Our Java Bootcamp shines with the perfect blend of flexibility and intensity. You set the pace while diving deep into Java programming. With a schedule designed to accommodate your commitments and an intensive curriculum, you'll gain a strong foundation in Java at your own rhythm.
  • Certification
    One standout feature of our Java Bootcamp is the certification you'll earn upon completion. Our program not only equips you with vital Java skills but also provides a recognized certification that validates your expertise. This credential not only boosts your resume but also signifies your commitment to excellence in Java programming.


Introduction to Java

History and evolution of Java
Setting up the development environment (JDK, IDE)
Your first Java program
Variables, Data Types, and Operators

Primitive data types (int, double, char, etc.)
Variable declaration and initialization
Arithmetic and relational operators
Control Flow

Conditional statements (if, else if, switch)
Looping constructs (for, while, do-while)
Break and continue statements
Arrays and Collections

Arrays and ArrayLists
Iterating through collections
Enhanced for loops

5. Classes and Objects

Defining classes and objects
Constructors and method overloading
Encapsulation and access modifiers
Inheritance and Polymorphism

Inheritance hierarchy
Method overriding
Polymorphism and dynamic binding
Interfaces and Abstract Classes

Defining interfaces and implementing them
Abstract classes and methods

8. Exception Handling

Understanding exceptions
Try-catch blocks
Custom exceptions
File Handling
Reading and writing text files
Handling binary files
File streams and buffers

10. Multithreading
- Creating and managing threads
- Synchronization and locks
- Thread pools

Java Collections Framework
Lists, Sets, and Maps
Comparators and sorting

12. JDBC Basics
- Connecting to databases
- Executing SQL queries
- ResultSet and PreparedStatement

Working with Databases
CRUD operations
Transactions and connection pooling
ORM frameworks (e.g., Hibernate)

14. Introduction to Web Development
- Overview of web architecture
- HTTP and REST principles

Servlets and JSP

Servlet lifecycle and configuration
JSP basics and tag libraries
Web Application Deployment

Deploying web applications to servlet containers (e.g., Tomcat)
Managing web application resources (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Introduction to Spring Framework

Dependency Injection (DI)
Spring Boot for rapid application development
Final Projects

Students work on real-world projects to apply their knowledge
Code reviews, testing, and project presentations

Who All Can Attend This Course
# Final Year Students
# Any Graduates
# Working Professionals want to shift to IT

Technology/Tools Used

The in depth knowledge about the tools we use is helping us to place our clients high as compared to that any of their competitors, and which are also making us the best players in the industry


IntelliJ IDEA






Apache Tomcat


Program Details

  • Mentoring Program - upto 6 months
    Timings - 10 Am to 4 Pm
    Up to 6 Months of Rigorous Training Holding
    2 Hrs Classes Training
    4-5 hrs Practicals
  • Paid Internship Program - 6 months
  • Fee - INR 150000
  • Independently Handle the project with the guidance of Project managers
  • Resume building, & Interviews
  • Hiring companies and Interview Scheduling

Limited Slots! (Max 20 seats per Batch)


Up To 15 LAc Per annum




Growth opportunities
Very High


Industries hiring

LearnNThrive Advantage

LearnNThrive Bootcamps offer several advantages compared to traditional courses. Firstly, Bootcamps are intensive, typically shorter in duration, and focused on practical, job-ready skills, making them ideal for quick career entry or upskilling. They often provide hands-on experience and real-world projects, bridging the gap between theory and application. Additionally, Bootcamps are frequently taught by industry professionals, ensuring the most up-to-date knowledge and networking opportunities. Flexibility is another key benefit, as many Bootcamps offer online or part-time options, accommodating various schedules. Lastly, the immersive nature of Bootcamps fosters a collaborative learning environment, fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills essential in today's competitive job market.


Every day you will have the sessions to clear all your doubts on the project, detailed explanation about the topics to start with the hands on at the desk.

The bottcamps are completely hands on, you will be working on the project hands involving in a project, guided by the project managers.


Every day you will have the sessions to clear all your doubts on the project, detailed explanation about the topics to start with the hands on at the desk.

Bootcamps offer several advantages for individuals looking to gain new skills or advance their careers
  • Intensive and Immersive Learning
    Bootcamps provide a focused and immersive learning experience, typically condensed into a short period of time. This allows participants to dive deep into the subject matter, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the skills or concepts being taught.
  • Hands-on Practical Experience
    Bootcamps often emphasize hands-on learning, providing participants with practical experience in applying the skills they learn. This practical approach helps bridge the gap between theory and real-world application.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum
    Bootcamps are designed to deliver skills and knowledge that are in high demand in the job market. The curriculum is often developed in collaboration with industry professionals and experts, ensuring that participants learn the most up-to-date and relevant skills.
  • Career Support and Networking
    Many Bootcamps offer career support services such as job placement assistance, resume reviews, and interview preparation. Additionally, Bootcamps provide opportunities to network with instructors, mentors, and fellow participants, expanding professional connections and potential job opportunities.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency
    Bootcamps are often shorter and more cost-effective compared to traditional degree programs. They provide a focused and efficient way to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones without the need for a long-term commitment.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility
    Bootcamps are available in various formats, including in-person, online, and hybrid models, making them accessible to individuals with different schedules and geographical locations. This flexibility allows participants to choose the format that best suits their needs.
  • Fast Track to Career Advancement
    Bootcamps are designed to provide accelerated learning, allowing individuals to quickly acquire new skills and pivot into new career paths. This can be particularly beneficial for professionals looking to make a career change or level up their skills in a short amount of time.


Online Bookstore

Create an website for online bookstore with user registration, product catalog, shopping cart, and secure payment processing


E-commerce and Retail Websites

Duration- 6-12 months

Online Course Management

Build a website for instructors to offer online courses, including video lectures, quizzes, and student progress tracking


Education and Learning Platforms

Duration- 12-18 months

Nutrition Planner

Build a nutrition planning website that helps users track daily calorie intake, meal plans, and nutritional goals


Health and Fitness Platforms

Duration- 12-18 months

Travel Booking Platform

Build a travel booking website that allows users to search, book flights, hotels, and plan their trips.


Travel and Tourism Websites

Duration- 9-12 months

Real Estate Listings

Design a real estate website for property listings, including search filters, property details, and contact forms


Real Estate and Property Management

Duration- 9-12 months

Personal Expense Tracker

Create a personal expense tracker website that allows users to record and categorize expenses, set budgets, and visualize spending habits


Finance and Budgeting

Duration- 12-18 months

Learning at LearnNThrive

Agency Expertise

The training aims to equip candidates with skills and knowledge similar to that of an agency, preparing them for a successful career in the field.

Credibility and Success

The course claims to have a track record of successful candidates who have secured jobs after completing the training. This credibility is supported by candidate videos, online reviews, and a portfolio showcasing the agency's achievements.

Opportunities for a Secure Career

The course emphasizes that it not only delivers success to clients but also creates opportunities and builds candidates' skills for a secure and Rewarding career.

Assured Placement

The course guarantees placement opportunities for candidates upon successful completion of the training.

Hands-on On-Job Training

The training is designed to provide real-time practical experience on projects, allowing candidates to work with actual clients and their projects.

Working Professionals as Trainers

The training is conducted by working professionals in the industry, providing candidates with insights and expertise from experienced practitioners.

Full-Time Commitment

The candidates are required to work on the projects full-time, from morning to evening, to implement the strategies explained and assigned during the course.

Top Industries and Companies Hiring Bootcamps Trainees: Unlocking Career Opportunities

Case Studies


From Unemployed to high paying java developer

Cracked 3+ Interviews

Highest Package Offered- 9 Lac per Annum

Accepted Offer From - Accenture


College Dropout to successfully cracked Remote java developer job

Cracked 5+ Interviews

Highest Package Offered- 7 Lac per Annum

Accepted Offer From - Tally Solutions


From Manual Labour to java developer

Cracked 4+ Interviews

Highest Package Offered- 10 Lac per Annum

Accepted Offer From - Zensar Technologies

Are you looking to kickstart your career in programming? Consider enrolling in the best Java Bootcamp in India. Our Java Coding Bootcamp Online is the ideal platform to embark on your journey to becoming a proficient Java developer.In the ever-evolving world of technology, Java remains a stalwart programming language, powering a wide array of applications from web development to mobile app creation. Aspiring developers and IT professionals are continuously seeking ways to master Java, and a Java Programming Bootcamp is the ideal launchpad for this journey.

A Java Certification Bootcamp offers intensive training that covers the intricacies of Java programming. Whether you're a novice or have some coding experience, these bootcamps cater to all skill levels.One of the key advantages of a Java Bootcamp is the immersive learning experience it provides. Participants engage in hands-on coding exercises, projects, and real-world problem-solving, which accelerates their learning and hones their practical skills.

Additionally, many Java Programming Bootcamps offer certification upon completion, which can enhance your credibility in the job market and open up exciting career opportunities.
In a technology-driven world, proficiency in Java is a valuable asset. Whether you're a beginner looking to embark on a coding career or an experienced developer aiming to upskill, a Java Programming Bootcamp can be your catalyst for success. It's a dynamic and efficient way to unlock the doors to the world of software excellence.These bootcamps offer a structured curriculum that covers everything from the basics to advanced topics, ensuring that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the language.They focus on hands-on learning, mastering Java coding, and preparing you for real-world challenges.

One significant advantage of a Java Bootcamp in India is the job guarantee it often provides. These programs are designed to make you job-ready, and many reputable institutes offer placement assistance, ensuring a smooth transition into the workforce.Don't miss the opportunity to enroll in a Java Bootcamp with job guarantee today. It's your stepping stone to a rewarding career in the world of Java programming.