Certified Agile Leadership(CAL II) Certification Training

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The Certified Agile Leadership certification (CAL II) is an advanced education and validation program for individuals who want to progress in the next step and learn more about Agile leadership training. The CAL II course focuses on goals such as leadership in the Agile context, Agile organization, and its approaches to change.


Certified Agile Leadership(CAL II) Certification Training O verview

CAL II certification is the advanced level of the CAL I certification course. It includes more insights and understanding to develop a leader and manager out of the person who has attended the primary level. It aims to bring a career advancement in professionals by teaching them skills that will be required to lead and control an Agile-based team. It helps to overcome internal resistance in organization-wide agility and form a clear goal for the product and clear out any obstacles while the development of the product. This CAL II course makes you more confident in your Agile practice and guiding your team and your organization. It focuses on the three categories, which were briefly explained in CAL I. They are the leader in the Agile environment, the Agile organization, and Agile approaches to bring a change in the background. Hence, to obtain your CAL II credential, you have to hold CAL I certification and successfully finish CAL II training.

71% of organizations reported that they use Agile approaches more frequently than in the past.

86% of internationally surveyed software developers use Agile in their work.

Agile projects are 28% more successful than traditional

According to the Gartner, Agile Project Management is reaching the peak of inflated expectations.

Key Features

Training delivered by Scrum Alliance certified instructors
Practical skills for helping to guide and coach Agile teams
Solving real-world problems the Agile organization faces
Study guide prepared by Subject Matter experts
Interactive sessions with group activities
Stay relevant and marketable

Who All Can Attend This Certified Agile Leadership(CAL II) Certification Training Course?

Anyone leading or participating in the Agile transformation can take this course. The course is ideal for the roles above but not limited to:

# Coach/Consultants
# Managers
# Executives
# Scrum Masters
# Product Owners
# Project and Team Leads
# Middle Management
# Leaders with Organizational Influence
# Leaders who interact with Agile teams
# Leaders involved with Agile adoption
Prerequisites To Take Certified Agile Leadership(CAL II) Certification Training

In order to acquire the CAL II certification, one must hold the CAL I certification.

Skills Focused
  • In-depth understanding of what it is to be an Agile Leader
  • Learn new tools and models to make your organization succeed
  • Learn to lead your team and your organisation through an Agile transformation
  • Understanding the leadership and coaching role
  • Expertise in managing the obstacles
Why Certified Agile Leadership(CAL II) Certification Training ?

The Certified Agile Leadership II training gives the learner a complete picture of the Agile industry. Many organizations are looking for professionals who can lead the Agile team to achieve their product goal and can satisfy the client. Most Agile organizations have a higher demand for individuals who have completed both levels of Certifed Agile Leadership course. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to enhance your chances of job opportunity by completing the CAL II certification.

  • Higher salary and incentives
  • Better performance of the individual
  • Higher preference between companions in Agile based organizations
  • Personal Transformation is seen as you learn about internal leadership development
  • Become more empathetic to others and enhance your career and personal life
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Certified Agile Leadership(CAL II) Certification Training Syllabus

  • Introduction to Agile leadership and its importance in today's complex business environment.
  • Exploring the mindset shift required for Agile leadership.
  • Understanding the Agile values and principles that underpin Agile leadership.

  • Assessing and developing personal leadership agility.
  • Embracing adaptive leadership approaches in Agile organizations.
  • Techniques for fostering a culture of learning and innovation.

  • Understanding complex adaptive systems and their implications for Agile organizations.
  • Recognizing and managing complexity and uncertainty.
  • Applying systems thinking to solve organizational challenges.

  • Strategies for leading and supporting Agile transformations.
  • Creating a compelling vision and roadmap for Agile adoption.
  • Overcoming resistance to change and managing stakeholders.

  • Understanding the role of a servant leader in Agile organizations.
  • Techniques for empowering and supporting self-organizing teams.
  • Creating an environment of psychological safety and trust.

  • Effective strategies for leading and coaching Agile teams.
  • Facilitating collaboration and alignment among Agile teams.
  • Overcoming common challenges faced by Agile teams.

  • Designing and adapting organizational structures to support Agile practices.
  • Promoting cross-functional collaboration and reducing dependencies.
  • Techniques for fostering an Agile mindset at all levels of the organization.

  • Balancing control and autonomy in Agile organizations.
  • Establishing Agile governance practices and decision-making frameworks.
  • Identifying and tracking meaningful Agile metrics.

  • Ethical considerations in Agile leadership.
  • Emotional intelligence and its impact on leadership effectiveness.
  • Strategies for handling difficult conversations and resolving conflicts.

  • Reviewing the key concepts and knowledge areas covered in the course.
  • Practice exams and quizzes to prepare for the CAL II certification exam.
Please note that the CAL II certification course typically includes interactive discussions, case studies, and exercises to facilitate learning and application. The course duration can vary, ranging from a few days to a week, depending on the training provider. Upon successful completion of the course and passing the exam, participants are awarded the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL II) certification.

Globally Renowned Trainers

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Career Path


Scrum Master

Senior Scrum Master

Product Owner

Project Manager

Scrum Master Coach

Certification Process


Firstly, you should hold the CAL I certification


Register and attend 2-day CAL II training delivered by CSTs


Successfully complete the advanced education on a unique leadership development topic, customized to your learning journey and mentored alongside an approved CAL Educator


Validated Practice by taking your new skills and insights and putting them into practice back at work


Finally, obtain your CAL II certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

Connect With Reps

One has to meet the below requirements to qualify for CAL II training:
  • CAL II requires the successful completion of CAL I which is an introductory course that comprises in-depth learning regarding the leadership qualities.
  • Completion of an additional leadership development topic, monitored by an approved CAL educator.
  • Validated practice through experienced networks from around the world.

The course is ideal for:
  • Coach/Consultants
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Project and Team Leads
  • Middle Management
  • Leaders with Organizational Influence
  • Leaders who interact with Agile teams
  • Leaders involved with Agile adoption

The Scrum Alliance has temporarily granted CAL educators the ability to deliver virtual workshops considering the current COVID pandemic situation prevailing in the country.

CAL II is a two-day training program that mainly involves both theoretical as well as practical sessions.

There is no exam to get the CAL II certification. Individuals will get the certification on successful completion of the course.

CAL II certification is an advanced and practice-based training program that develops Agile leader proficiency. It is an advanced education, validated practice, and peer-based sharing program that consists of learning and practice across three categories. The goal of CAL II is to guide leaders in deepening, applying, and sharing their Agile leadership learning.

After the successful registration into the training program, the candidates are required to attend the two-day training program offered by a Scrum Alliance Certified Educator. The Certified Educator, leading your class, will register your attendance with the Scrum Alliance, after which you will get your certification.

The cost of CAL II certification may vary based on various factors such as Institution, Location, Trainer, etc.

Scrum Alliance offers the CAL II certification. Scrum Alliance is a non-profit organization that aims at promoting the use of Scrum worldwide. It is the only entity that has ownership over the Scrum framework.

Getting a CAL II certification demonstrates a level of knowledge and experience. This certification makes you a better competitor in your field and also equips you with the essential skill set needed for contributing to organizational changes. It also showcases that you have the experience and skills to lead an agile team successfully.

The certification is provided by Scrum Alliance and is valid for a period of two years. Maintain your CAL II certification by earning Scrum Education Units (SEUs) and renewing your certification every two years.


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Agile Process Improvement Lead

CAL II: Cultivating Agile Leadership Excellence

Enrolling in CAL II Training was a significant turning point for me. The training's modules were well-organized and the practical exercises helped me understand complex concepts better. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comprehensive learning experience in calculus



Agile Value Stream Manager

Agile Visionaries: CAL II Certification for Future-Ready Leaders

The Certified Agile Leadership Certification was a transformative journey. It provided a deep understanding of agile leadership principles and practical strategies for implementation. This certification has empowered me to lead agile transformations with confidence.



Agile Strategy Consultant

Leading High-Performing Teams: CAL II Certified Leadership Training

Absolutely CAL II Training was enlightening and comprehensive. It delved into the intricacies of agile leadership, providing valuable insights into driving organizational change. The trainers' expertise and interactive approach made the learning engaging and practical.

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The Certified Agile Leadership II course is packed with real-world examples from the students' experiences. It guides learners through useful tools and approaches that can be applied immediately on the job. You can expand your understanding of the CAL II techniques and gain insight into the daily working of a Certified Agile Leadership professional. Enroll to obtain the top CAL II Certification, the most respected by employers and recruiters, and the most sought-after qualification.