The advantages of an automated attendance system can be felt in organizations, higher education institutions, and schools. Without any doubt, this system will help with saving time. Even it will help save money by reducing many manual processes connected with attendance maintenance. With this system in place, teachers will be able to more quickly and accurately track students’ time in the classroom. With this system in place, it will be possible to loop parents in the journey of their wards directly. The reason is that it will be possible for teachers to convey their children’s attendance to parents via SMS or a mobile app. In addition to assuring security, this system keeps the parents in the loop to stay in constant touch. In turn, it can improve the outcomes of student learning.

Automated Attendance Management System – An Introduction:

This is an educational ERP system that keeps track of student attendance in a school or college. As against the conventional attendance system, this system will greatly help faculties. They can monitor, store and record the attendance history of students. As a result, it will be easier for them to manage the classroom efficiently.
With the automated attendance management system, crucial class time for teachers can be saved. It does more than keep a record of the attendance of students. Yes, it will help the faculty members find meaningful patterns to keep an eye on students’ performance around crucial metrics. In turn, it can contribute to the security of students.

Different Ways To Automate Attendance:

It will be possible for schools to automate attendance in different ways:

  • Real-time face-recognition attendance marking
  • Radio Frequency Identification or RFID Marking
  • Biometric identification attendance marketing
  • School Mobile App Attendance marking

Irrespective of the mode chosen, it will be possible to reduce teachers’ workload. Also, it will contribute to time-saving and streamlining the attendance management process.


With these things known, are you still wondering whether having such a system in place is a good idea? If so, it is better to go through the top 10 advantages of an automated attendance management system, as it is beneficial in many ways:

1. Innovative Tracking Trends:

An automated attendance management system can help staff and teachers pay attention to incentivizing attendance. It would be good as against following a system based on penalizing missing students. Moreover, data gleaned from tracking students’ attendance will help schools get some interesting trends. These systems will help schools to learn a lot of things.

2. Automated Report Generation:

Further, the attendance management system can generate different reports. As the schools will have to manage class attendance, it will be possible to generate reports within a few clicks.

3. Get Regular Alerts:

Another crucial benefit of this system is that it will help parents to get alerts when their child is absent from school. Based on the choice of the school, it will be possible to send monthly and weekly reports to parents. In turn, parents can be better aware of the performance of their wards. Some systems help parents to check these details themselves as well. But, some systems help parents deliver the reports to their mobile phones or mailbox.

4. Higher Institutional Return on Investment:

A university, college, or school can save a lot of money monthly when they automate their attendance management. For instance, let us consider that a faculty has 7 class hours per day. He/she needs around 10 minutes to mark attendance for every hour. If this is the case, the faculty needs nearly 70 minutes to mark attendance alone. If the institute has 50 teaching faculty members, then 58 hours are needed daily for the repeated task of attendance marking. This huge time of 58 hours can be reduced to an hour. In turn, a considerable amount of time is saved for teachers in school or college. This time saved can be used for improving student outcomes.

5. Punctuality Improvement:

Any good manner instilled in students at a young age will stay with them for their entire life. So, one of the biggest advantages of an Automated Attendance management system is that it will help parents and teachers inculcate punctuality in kids. When parents and teachers can keep an eye on students’ attendance, it will lead to increased punctuality. For instance, some schools have a rule that students will be marked absent if they arrive 15 minutes after the bell rings. So, when parents find that even though their ward is reaching school daily, there is an increased number of days of absence, they can take corrective actions. In turn, students will become punctual to avoid such a situation in the future.

6. Improved Parents & Teachers Communication:

Some automated attendance management systems allow parents and teachers to chat with each other. Parent-teacher communication is crucial to keep an eye on students’ discipline and academic and extra-curricular performance. In turn, parents and teachers can contribute their share to the multi-disciplinary development of children.

7. Eliminates Human Error:

When attendance tracking is done manually, there are chances of human error. For instance, a lack of student attention and an inability to shout in a crowded and noisy class can increase the chances of a student being marked absent when the attendance record is maintained manually. In turn, there will be improper tracking and inaccurate attendance data.

But, it will be possible to eliminate these issues with an attendance management system. Apart from ensuring accurate data, it will also aid with administrative decisions. It even frees up the valuable time of teachers.

8. Real-time Status Tracking of Leave Requests:

When parents plan a family trip, they can apply for a leave for their ward via this system. Also, they can easily keep track of the leave requests with this system in place. Further, they can refer to this data when they need their ward to be away from school for a few days. In turn, they can know how many days prior they can apply for the leave.

9. Flexibility in Attendance Operations:

Further, the automated attendance management system offers the facility to track not only the student but also staff attendance. Some schools have multiple campuses. Even in this case, it will be possible to track the staff records of teachers in all branches from a single system. This facility allows schools and colleges to overview the overall attendance management comprehensively. The flexibility of these systems further helps schools to get the following benefits:

  • Safeguard attendance management with login credentials
  • Promotes smooth work operation for schools and colleges
  • Brings down paperwork, thereby improving the productivity of staff members
  • This brings down the chances of duplicate entry
  • Keeps parents informed about attendance records of their wards
  • Reduces discrepancies in overall attendance management

10. All-in-one Management:

One of the biggest advantages of the automated attendance management system is that it helps manage many things in a single place. Yes, not just attendance records of parents and teachers; it will be possible to keep track of leave records, punctuality records, and even admission records. Schools and teachers can save a lot of time when many things can be managed from a single place.


With the advantages of an automated attendance management system understood, institutions should move to this system irrespective of size. With this system, they can get plenty of other benefits apart from those mentioned above.

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