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Learn to handle your projects with greater efficiency and give a boost to your career by obtaining CAPM certification. The CAPM certification is an entry-level certification for candidates who want to acquire project management skills that help to advance their careers. This shall also help in enhancing their project handling efficiency.

CAPM Certification Course Overview

CAPM certification training helps professionals learn basic project management principles that help them in aligning their work with the highest quality work standards expected by project management verticals. The course gives a deeper insight into principles, skills, instructions along with the hands-on experience that is necessary for successful implementation, execution, and completion of a project. CAPM Online training aims at helping individuals quickly adapt to planning proficiency and project preparation. They gain valuable insights into flawless execution, monitoring, controlling, and management of a project. The Certified Associate in Project Management Course helps beginners with little or no experience in working with a Project Management team gain the necessary skills that make them the right fit. This professional knowledge and skills help when applied to the job in getting the desired results. They learn how to work with the Project Management team in perfect tandem contributing to its success and timely completion. The candidates looking forward to acquiring this entry-level Certification must fulfill the expected eligibility prerequisites. This globally recognized certification will give a significant career advantage to any discerning candidate looking for better career opportunities in this highly competitive and dynamic market.

The global project management industry is projected to grow by $6.61 trillion

By 2027, project management jobs are expected to grow by 33%

93% of organizations report using standardized project management practices.

By 2027, employers will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles.

77% of high-performing projects use project management software.

Key Features

Interactive sessions led by certified and experienced instructors
Prepares individuals to qualify the exam on 1st attempt
Hands-on learning through industry proved case studies
Access to a variety of learning resources
Study guide prepared by Subject Matter experts
24x7 online support team to resolve all your queries

Who All Can Attend This CAPM Certification Training Course?

Professionals who want to gain project management skills can take this course. The CAPM certification course is best suited for:

# Project Managers
# Project Associates
# Team Leads/Team Managers
# Project Executives/Project Engineers
# Software Developers
# Any professional aspiring to start a career in project management
Prerequisites To Take CAPM Certification Training

There are no prerequisites to attend CAPM certification training. But, to take the CAPM certification examination you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • 1,500 hours of professional experience

Skills Focused
  • Understand the role of the project manager in organizations
  • Knowledge of all project management processes and terminologies
  • Plan project quality, staffing, and communications
  • Monitor and control project schedule and costs
  • Analyze project risks and address project-related procurement
  • Acquire the skills required to pass the CAPM certification exam
Why CAPM Certification Training ?

CAPM training is meant for individuals who have no direct or very little knowledge and experience in Project Management. The CAPM Course aims at helping them gain a basic understanding of the terminology and principles of Project Management. Many candidates choose the CAPM course as it helps them to diversify their skills. It is a globally recognized program that helps in opening the doors of opportunity for Certified Professionals. Individuals with limited work experience can go for CAPM Certification Course and obtain the necessary skills like arrangement, execution, check, and control a project ensuring its effective culmination. Its dual advantages of skills enhancement and better career opportunities have increased the demand for this course among discerning candidates.

  • Gain Know-how about the best project management practices.
  • Adds value to your resume.
  • Improved salary insights by acquiring the highest-paying CAPM certification in project management.
  • Gain a career advantage with this globally recognized CAPM certification.
  • Learning these skills is a professional achievement.
  • Your organization will pose greater trust in your abilities, clearing your path to accept more responsibilities.

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CAPM Certification Training Syllabus

  • Understand the five project management process groups and the processes within each group
  • Recognize the relationships among project, program, portfolio, and operational management
  • Define a typical project lifecycle
  • Understand the function and importance of tailoring for different projects

  • Identify the factors and assets that may impact the outcome of a project
  • Distinguish between organizational systems
  • Understand the purpose and activities of a Project Management Office
  • Recognize the hierarchy of projects, programs, and portfolios

Learn about the different data structures that Python can handle. Create and manipulate regular Python lists, tuple etc.

  • State the primary functions of a project manager
  • Understand a project manager’s sphere of influence
  • Identify the major elements included in the PMI triangle
  • Recognize the difference between leadership and management

  • Understand the seven project management processes in the project integration management knowledge area
  • Identify the input, tools, techniques, and outputs defined in the seven processes in project integration management
  • Understand the purpose of project integration management and the project manager’s role within it
  • Identify concepts and procedures related to project change management
  • Identify tailoring consideration in project integration management and recognize key documents
  • Identify methods for project integration and knowledge management

  • Understand the six project management processes in the project scope management knowledge area
  • Identify the Input, tools, techniques, and outputs defined in the six processes in project scope management
  • Identify key concepts and tailoring consideration for project scope management, and key roles in scope management
  • Identify the purpose and elements of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for both Product and Project scope
  • Understand project scope management for agile/adaptive projects, including the use of prototypes

  • Define the six project management processes in the project schedule management knowledge area
  • Identify the Input, tools, techniques, and outputs defined in the six processes in project schedule management
  • Solve simple network diagrams problems and perform basic scheduling calculations
  • Identify considerations for agile/adaptive environments in project schedule management

  • Understand the four project management processes in the project cost management knowledge area
  • Identify the Input, tools, techniques, and outputs defined in the four processes in project cost management
  • Identify key concepts in project cost management, including tailoring and special considerations for agile/adaptive environments
  • Understand and apply basic forecasting and earned value methods for project cost management

  • Understand the three project management processes in the project quality management knowledge area
  • Identify the Input, tools, techniques and outputs defined in the three quality management processes
  • Understand the reasons for and approaches to adapting quality management in different project environments
  • Identify quality tools and approaches for continuous improvement

  • Define the six project management processes in the project resource management knowledge area
  • Identify the Input, tools, techniques, and outputs defined in the six processes in project resource management
  • Identify key concepts and trends in project resource management, including tailoring and special considerations for agile/adaptive environments
  • Identify techniques for developing a team, managing conflict, and resolving resource-related problems
  • Understand the components of a resource management plan and data representation techniques for managing project resources

  • Understand the three project management processes in the project communication management knowledge area
  • Identify the Input, tools, techniques, and outputs defined in the three project communication management processes
  • Identify key concepts and approaches in project communication management, including tailoring and special considerations for agile/adaptive environments
  • Recognize the dimensions of communication and components of a communications management plan
  • Identify communications skills and methods for project communication management

  • Understand the seven project management processes in the project risk management knowledge area
  • Identify the Input, tools, techniques, and outputs defined in project risk management
  • Identify the key documents in project risk management
  • Perform simple risk calculations
  • Recognize when and how to adjust risk based on the project environment

  • Understand the three processes in the project procurement management knowledge area
  • Identify the Input, tools, techniques, and outputs defined in the three project procurement processes
  • Identify key concepts and tailoring considerations for project procurement management, including trends and emerging practices
  • Identify various types of contracts, agreements, and source selection methods

  • Understand the four project management processes in the project stakeholder management knowledge area
  • Identify the Input, tools, techniques, and outputs defined in the four project stakeholder management processes
  • Recognize key stakeholders roles and needs
  • Identify the key concepts and benefits of stakeholder management

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Career Path


Project Coordinator

Business Analyst

Associate Project Manager

Project Manager, Information Technology

Sr. Project Manager

Certification Process


Register and attend the CAPM certification training


Schedule your exam through PeopleCert, if you are self-studying


Attempt the exam consisting of 150 MCQs to be finished in 3 hours.


Obtain a minimum passing score of 70% to get the CAPM certification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Connect With Reps

CAPM or Certified Associate in Project Management is an entry level certification in the field of Project Management. Some of the basic prerequisites include:
  • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • or
  • 23 hours of project management education completed by the time you sit for the exam. Our Project Management Basics online course fulfills this educational prerequisite.

If you’d like to manage larger projects and gain more responsibility or add project management skills into your current role, then the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is right for you. The roles include but are not limited to:
  • Project Coordinators
  • Product Managers
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Team Members
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Project Leaders
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Sponsors

Yes there is an online/virtual training for preparing the individuals to undertake CAPM Certification Course.

It takes 23 hours to complete the CAPM Certification Training

Yes it is mandatory to undergo at least 23 hours of formal project management training before appearing for the CAPM Certification exam in case the applicant does not possess a minimum of 1500 hours of Project Management experience of managing projects in any organization. Further, this training would also help the professionals to understand the concept and course material better while preparing them for adequate application of CAPM fundamentals and project management techniques within their respective organizations.

CAPM Certification Examination has 150 questions which have to be answered within a time limit of three hours. These 150 questions are from the following categories:
  • Fundamentals of project management
  • Project Management processes
  • Management of Project Scope
  • Time management
  • Cost management
  • Risk management
  • Procurement management
  • Quality management
  • Human resource management
  • Communication management
  • Integration Process management
  • Stakeholder management
The questions are objective type multiple choice questions. The examination is conducted online at a designated Prometric testing centre. The applicants would need to start the examination with a 15-minute tutorial session after which they need to complete the examination within three hours. The question paper also includes 15 pre-test questions (as a part of the 150 questions of the examination paper). These pre-test questions are not graded and are only used for future exam purposes.

While many people believe that obtaining 61 percent in the CAPM Certification examination would help them qualify for the certification, there is no website officially declaring the same as pass percentage. Therefore, experts in the field suggest scoring a score of 70 or more percentage in order to become a CAPM Certified Professional.

In case you fail in the CAPM Certification Examination, you can easily appear for the CAPM Re-attempt Examination by paying the requisite fee, as prescribed by the institute.

Once your CAPM Certification application is approved and the requisite examination fee is paid, you get one year examination eligibility period. You can take the CAPM Examination not more than thrice within this one year eligibility period. However, for each of these appearances within the 1 year period, you need to submit the requisite examination fee and schedule your examination according to your convenience.

Certified Associate in Project Management is an entry level qualification in the field of Project Management. Project Management is the need of the hour for any organization since almost all the organizations need to compete in competitive scenarios with scarce resources. Effective Project Management skills, therefore, become an inevitable requirement for efficient management and effective execution to gain optimum results. Project Management Practitioners working at various levels with different organizations, thus, gain immensely from real time cutting edge project management methodology and technology. In order to understand and execute such knowledge and skills, individuals can undergo CAPM Certification through which they can carve a brand for themselves.

In order to get your CAPM Certification, you need to:
  • Create an account at PMI (Project Management Institute).org
  • Submit your application. Provide all the requisite details carefully.
  • Application is then reviewed by PMI
  • In case your application is selected for CAPM exam audit process, submit your Audit Package (supporting documentation for eligibility and fulfilment of pre requisites such as proof of education, contact hour of project management education, project management experience) within 90 days.
  • Pay your CAPM Examination Fee
  • Schedule your examination
  • Prepare well for the Certification Examination
  • Score at least 70 percent marks and qualify to become a CAPM Certified Individual

The CAPM Certification is primarily a Project Management Certification which is provided by PMI (Project Management Institute). This certification is well recognized across the world and is acceptable as a standard to measure the competency levels of project managers.

Yes, it is. CAPM Certification certifies that the individual is ready to take on bigger roles within projects and departments of an organisation. Further, the certification also adds on to the credibility and management of such projects. The certification also benefits the individual as it increases the brand value of the individual in the job market especially, if the individual is targeting to serve in project management or general management related jobs.

The average salary for a CAPM Certified individual is around $66,845 according to PayScale Data.

The CAPM Certification is valid for a period of 3 years. However, professionals holding the CAPM certification further need to earn 15 PDUs every three years in order to maintain the validity of their certification. Thereafter, the candidate needs to recertify him/herself before the end of 3 years. In case the candidate fails to do so, the candidate has to re-apply as a fresh candidate for CAPM Certification Examination.


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Jyothi Prakash

Project Communications Coordinator

Strategic Career Move: Empowering Knowledge through CAPM Certification Training

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Ravi teja

Project Governance Analyst

Structured CAPM Learning: Online Training that Impresses

I'm thoroughly impressed with the Certified Associate in Project Management Certification Training I took online. The well-structured curriculum, real-world case studies, and regular progress assessments truly set this program apart. It's an excellent investment for anyone looking to kickstart their ..Read More



Project Documentation Specialist

Grasping Project Management Basics: CAPM Certification Training's Edge

The CAPM Certification Training online exceeded my expectations. The comprehensive modules, interactive quizzes, and expert guidance made grasping the fundamentals of project management a breeze. I feel confident and well-prepared for the exam.

Candidates keen to pursue CAPM Training can visit LearnNThrive and look for the best training institutes available. LearnNThrive gives the flexibility to choose schedules that makes it easy for working professionals to pursue. It is an online CAPM Course available for weekends and weekdays where the expert and experienced trainers in the coaching institute prepares the candidates. Look for a suitable training institute or academy that is known to train discerning candidates for CAPM Certification. It is a completely hassle-free and seamless way to acquire learning. LearnNThrive is your go-to platform to look for CAPM courses available in helping professionals to learn the best practices and tools used by a project manager. Get the best CAPM training helping you launch a promising career in the field of project management.