I hope all of you know these, and most of you must be following some of them or most of them, but just as a checklist, let me put down some of them here. If you have any other learning from your client or teammates, please don’t hesitate to add it here.

The points mentioned here are explicitly for digital marketers; digital marketing professionals have to ensure that they follow these at their workplace to achieve great results or get recognized.

The points all were drafted after speaking to highly skilled, disciplined, professional, and confident digital marketers; here goes the list in their own words,

  1. Respond to the e-mails of clients/ Senior management quickly, as early as possible
  2. Once you are done with something, ask to send it to the person who has asked for it. Please don’t wait until he/she asks for it; at least notify them.
  3. If the client/management asks you to meet at a specific time, please go and meet them at that time; if you can’t make it by that time, update them.
  4. Keep the client posted regularly on the work you do on the account.
  5. Once you are back from the meeting, you should compulsorily send meeting minutes, adding people who were part of the meeting.
  6. Acknowledge the e-mails, which could be notified that you have seen the e-mail, e.g., it’s done, working, on leave, can send you tomorrow, and more.
  7. Plan to finish the work planned for the day; keeping it pending implies incapability of doing/learning the things
  8. Don’t forget to update the status of the planned work for the day because your managers might have to update it to management, and their other work could be dependent on the data you provide.
  9. As soon you come to the office, update your work plan to the people involved in the project in the respective groups on slack, Hangouts, Skype, or any medium you use or send it by e-mail, whichever you feel comfortable.
  10. Don’t allow someone to question or point out your work; try to maintain quality.
  11. Read the e-mails completely before you respond.
  12. If you are unclear about any of the implementations, please read on it before you take action or ask someone who knows to explain it.
  13. If you are not certain about something you are working on or working on for the first time, especially related to development, please review it before you start full-fledged or send it to the client/development team.
  14. If you are good at something, don’t hesitate to explain it to everybody in the room.
  15. Finally, don’t forget that everybody has to follow if something is running through their mind.

All of the above mentioned points are the best practices of highly disciplined people at the workplace and will be very useful to digital marketers also it’s not only limited to the above points, but there could also be many more to practice and get noticed by peers, management, clients, and anybody working with you.

I appreciate it if you encourage these in your peers too.

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