Writing content for the word press blogs is not an easy job. Only the people who work as full-time writers know how difficult it is to generate content.

Beginners dread the idea of writing for their newly started blogs. One can prepare for the writing process all they want but real things happen when someone actually sits down to write.

Content starts pouring in the minute you start writing. But writing the content that stands out is the real task. For that, you need to follow some rules of SEO that makes the content interesting for the readers.

What are the features that make the content stand out?

A lot of content is being produced constantly but it goes to waste if it is not impactful enough. If the content is not fulfilling the purpose then it is a sign that it needs some changes. Following are the features that a good piece of content must-have.

First of all, a piece of good should be able to find its way to the readers. Therefore, good content should be findable.

Readability is also a factor that makes the content stand out. Awesome content should consist of simple language that is not too hard on the readers. Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure affect the readability of the content. Make sure to write content that is free of these errors and jargon.

The main purpose of writing content is to get the audience engaged in the business. So, make the content engaging if you want it to serve its purpose.

To be successful in any field, one has to be consistent in their efforts. Consistency is also a factor that makes the content successful. On the other hand, inconsistencies can confuse the readers and affect the brand’s reputation.

Now that you know what good content is, here are 10 steps that you can follow to create awesome and unique content and attract the audience to your Word Press website.

1. Be specific

Just saying that “get more traffic” is not enough. As a brand, you need to be specific about the goals. For example, make a target of getting 15% sales by the end of two months.

Setting goals achieves goals in a smooth process. Once you know WHY you want to create good content only then you can figure out WHAT type of content should be generated.

2. Use different portals to source ideas

One thing that blog writers struggle with is how to come up with new ideas every single time. Finding new topics to write about can be a brainstorming process.

Utilize various online portals and look for ideas. Find out what people are most interested in. Social media is a great place to find this out.

One place that you can go and it never fails to give the inspiration to write something new is the Quora website. The sole purpose of this website is that people ask queries and someone with the relevant information tries to answer them. It is a very interactive space.

It gives a hint that people are interested in this specific topic so you can pick it up and do some research and there you go! Your content for the new blog is ready.

On the other hand, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn along with Google search are great options to find the perfect topic for your blog.

3. Choose an interesting title

A great topic for the blog increases the chances of getting traffic by ten folds. We suggest you research the perfect title for the blog.

One tip is to include the keywords in the title. This way the blog will show up higher in the search engines. Write content to target the audience. Only then your content writing strategy will be successful.

4. Research the audience

Different types of content will hit a certain type of audience. Sometimes a certain age group will be able to relate to the content while another age group will not bother to read it.

Therefore, know what the audience is looking for. You can analyze it by checking what sort of past blogs did well on the ranking. Buzzsumo can also tell what articles are most shared by the users from your competitors.

This way, a trend can be analyzed and content can be generated based on the customer’s demographics. Every brand should know this about their customers.

5. Have a content calendar

Content calendars are helpful in keeping the track of content. Good content is always scheduled. The calendar ensures that the content is of top quality and is always on time.

Many free websites offer this service that helps you track the content very efficiently. Trello and Google calendar is a few of them.

6. Work on developing the personality of your brand

If you want to build a successful brand then work on developing the personality of the brand. This can be done by creating good content and using social media wisely.

People will be interested in the content if they can relate to the brand. No one wants to waste their time reading content that they think belongs to a boring brand.

7. Target audience with keywords

Keywords are the essence of effective WordPress blogging.

The first step is to find good keywords for the content. These keywords should be of low competition and higher search volume.

The second step is to create content that must include at least three of these keywords. The keywords should be in the title, header, and body. The inclusion of keywords 3-7 times is enough.

8. Follow a content strategy

Schedule your posts regularly. Following a strategy can help the readers to track the content. It only takes a few hours to build a schedule but following it is very fruitful in the long run.

It is observed that having a strategy affects the traffic of the blog positively. Here is research done below that shows how effective is the content strategy.

Factors EffectiveNot effective
With a written content strategy0.60.4
Without a written content strategy0.320.68

9. Write, write and write

You have your plan, a killer title, and good keywords. Now it’s time to create the actual content. There is no other way of saying it but the more you write, the process will be easier for you.

Writing is a full-time job and you can use writing tools to write more efficiently and save some time. There are paraphrasing tools that can rewrite the articles for you. The paraphrasing tools rephrase the words and sentences and create plagiarism-free content in no time.

Another tool that content writers use is a Text Summerizer. Text summarizers as the name suggest give the crux of the paragraphs of the article in just a few seconds.

10. Promote on social media

Now that we have generated the best possible content, it is time to advertise it. Social media marketing is more beneficial than you think. Use it wisely and you will see its results.

According to a survey, 43% of users use social media to find new brands and roughly 36% of people buy things online through social media platforms.


There are plenty of other factors that bring users to your WordPress blogs. Such as the loading speed of the website, time spent on the page, and the number of times the article is being shared. But roughly if you follow the above-mentioned tips, your blog will be on the way to the first page of google.

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