Agile and DevOps are the methodologies most companies are trying to adopt to make their business successful. But nowadays, companies are confused about which mythology will be the best. Both have benefits in one form or the other, but they are not the same. 

However, DevOps is the term that has been highly trending in whole business industries for the last few years. And regards to this, some say that it will replace Agile in the future. So, if you also have some issues or cannot understand their exact differences, read the post below.

You must know about DevOps and Agile in detail before explaining their differences. 

Understanding DevOps

DevOps is a certain set of practices that mechanize the processes between two things, i.e., development and operations. The main aim is to build, develop, test, and release the software faster and in a reliable way. DevOps helps the company’s operating speed by offering services and applications. Professionals with DevOps Foundation certification cater to the client’s needs in a better and more efficient way so they can easily compete in the market.

Overall, you can say that DevOps is known as a culture, a strong movement, and the right philosophy that helps organizations to grow faster. However, this also gave rise to better communication between the teams of development, testing, business management, and operations so that they could deliver faster and very effectively. 

Understanding Agile methodology

Agile is a technical term that describes various software development approaches that emphasize incremental delivery, continual learning, team collaboration, etc. However, it wholly defines the adaptive, code-centered, and collaborative approach.

With the help of Agile, the processes of companies become effective, which helps in creating minimum viable products that pass through a number of iterations before finalizing anything. And employers believe that professionals with Agile Scrum Foundation certification will understand Agile well and implement it in enterprises. 

Finally, you learn about DevOps and Agile methodology regarding a business. 

Now, you will know the differences between Agile and DevOps so that all your queries will be solved.

What is the difference between DevOps and Agile?

DevOps vs. Agile




SpeedDevOps methodology is slower as compared to Agile.Agile is all about offering faster service and deployment.
PurposeDevOps brings development and operations teams together.Agile Development is all about the iterative approach that focuses on clients’ responses, and alliance, with small and rapid releases.
Capability to manage projectsThe central aim of DevOps is to manage end-to-end engineering processes.Agile efficiently and effectively manages the most complex projects.
ObjectiveDevOps’s main focus is on testing and delivery of the products without any loopholes.Agile constantly changes its working process to deliver optimum results within no time.
Skill managementDevOps fully divides the skills between two parts- development and operation teams.Agile development delivers similar training to all team members so that they will get equal skills.
TimelineDevOps always strive hard to finish the work within deadlines and significant releases. Its ideal goal is to deliver codes regularly or every few hours.Agile development is succeeded in the form of sprints. Overall this sprint is around a month or less than it.
Mode of feedbackHere feedback comes from self-monitoring or with the help of tools.Agile takes feedback from clients for further improvement.
Emphasis on automationAutomation is the fundamental goal of DevOps. This means it lifts competence while positioning software.It does not emphasize much Automation.
Clearance in gapsDevOps clears the gap between development, testing, and Ops.Agile development removes the gap between clients’ needs, development, and testing teams.
ReadinessIt mainly focuses on operative and commercial readiness.Its main focus is to take care of functional and non-functional readiness.
Concern on qualityDevOps with automation helps in early bug elimination, which deeply contributes to better quality. In this system, developers must follow coding and exceptional architectural practices to maintain excellent quality.On the other hand, Agile is perfect for inventing world-class quality that suits the clients’ exact requirements. Even more, Agile quickly adapts itself to the changes done during the project.
Tools usedDevOps use tools: Puppet, Chef, Team city OpenStack, Scalyr, Juju, Code Climate, and OverOps. Whereas AWS is another famous tool used by DevOps.JIRA, Kanboard, Bugzilla, Jmeter, Appium, User Snap, Pivotal Tracker, Enterprise Tester, etc.
Team sizeDevOps works with large or many teams, and each group practices different theories.Agile works best with a small team to work faster and more effectively.
Automation levelThe automation level is varied.The automation level is high.
Frequency of client feedbackIn DevOps, customer feedback is continuous.On the other hand, in Agile, client feedback is recurrent after each sprint.
Level of documentationThe documentation level is very light.The documentation level is light.

Which is better to choose: DevOps or Agile

After comparing Agile and DevOps, you must have come to know how they differ. Now, the question arises- if a company wants to employ one of these methodologies, which one would be better for faster and more productive growth?

Agile and DevOps are designed to achieve quicker development and deployment of any product. But if you deeply consider both, Agile focuses on software development, and DevOps regularly focuses on software integration.  

Both DevOps vs. Agile methodologies delivers guaranteed deployment. But if you compare both of these, DevOps is a highly sophisticated iteration that provides a productive and organized foundation in partnership with IT operations.

You can say that Agile and DevOps methodologies are different, but this doesn’t mean companies will adopt one above the other. This means both these can work in tandem.

So, it is imperative to say that both this software deliver end-user value in a very efficient manner. Their way of working is different, but they help the businesses to grow at a faster pace. 

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So, after reading the above difference between Agile and DevOps, you might get an idea of which methodology will best suit your business. However, it is imperative to say that one of them is a must to make your business successful. This means both are equally essential for an organization to get higher growth and optimum results. Choosing one depends on the project requirement, as both have limitations and functions that aid you in reaching the desired goals.

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