An SEO professional with an experience of 3-8 years is earning between INR 7 Lac to INR 40 Lakhs per annum. Meanwhile, there are many professionals who make very less than 7 lac per annum even though they are more than 3 years experienced, the reasons for this will be discussed later in this article.

Note: Demand for the right SEO professional is very high in the market, and many companies hunt for weeks together to find the right SEO professional.

  • Amazon pays more than 25 lakhs to an SEO professional with around 5 years of experience
  • Byju pays a salary of 12- 40 lakhs for SEO professionals based on their experience. ( between 3-7 years)
  • Simplilearn pays around 30 lakhs per annum to a professional who has got decent years of experience and is capable of driving their SEO strategies.
  • Scripbox pays a salary of 15-25 lakhs to an experienced digital marketing professional

There are so many companies just in and around Bangalore that pays as high as 30-40 lakhs for professionals who have got 5 years and more experience.

Meanwhile, not all SEO professionals are paid so well, until and unless they have got a hold on search engine algorithms, their functionality, and optimization they cannot make it as per the expectation.

Why are SEO professionals so highly valued?

Businesses are moving online and many prefer to own a sustainable online asset for a lifetime which can keep driving traffic and business through their website for free throughout life at minimal expenses.

Many business owners have realized the importance of owning a website and making it rank on Google for all the keywords or terms related to their business as they also found the many other marketing channels available are:

  1. Quite an expense
  2. Not reliable
  3. Fluctuating
  4. Poor conversion rates
  5. Short-term fulfillment of goals and more

All these being the challenges they found that their own website ranking on Google or any search engine to as many keywords as possible is the most reliable channel that can actually become an asset and help them to achieve their goals at very fewer expenses, these all being the reason business owners are looking for right SEO professionals who can optimize their website to reap the full benefit from the search engines.

Also, internet usage and people using google more than ever to discover content on the internet have made SEO necessary, below are the internet stats, which brief the internet usage growth.

But then meanwhile,

Finding the right SEO professional has become one of the toughest jobs for many business owners from the large pool of unskilled SEO professionals or SEO professionals who are not sound with domain knowledge.

The above all being the reason the demand for skilled SEO professionals is very high, it’s very unlike like any other industry where you can find many professionals in every slab/bucket of skill sets. SEO is the only domain where highly skilled professionals are very few and this is the reason the value for SEO professionals is increasing year on year.

Why do business owners care so much about SEO for their websites?

Many business owners have realized the advantages of SEO/organic traffic over the traffic that comes from other channels (Which usually is very expensive or of very poor quality as compared to organic/SEO traffic)

Here are a few advantages that business owners get by implementing SEO for their businesses:

  • The organic presence of the website on search engines is the most sustainable support for the business
  • Gets a lot of free traffic
  • Generates Leads
  • Generates sales
  • Builds trust- Being always available on Google is perceived as the most authentic business
  • It’s very hard to beat business competitors when the organic presence is strong.
  • The organic(SEO) performance of the website plays a prominent role in the valuation of the business
  • The organic search results get high-quality traffic (Usually the conversion rates will be very high) compared to any other source of traffic

The above advantages have made business owners go a step ahead and implement SEO for their businesses.

What is expected from SEO professionals? Objectives of SEO

SEO professionals are responsible for many implementations, and every single implementation they do on the website typically benefits the business as a whole, as they have to work on improving all of the following in order to see the SEO result or progress:

  • Optimize website for Users and Search engines
  • Improve the user metrics or make the website more engaging for audiences/customers
  • Optimize the website for all business searches/keywords
  • Place the website on top of Google’s first page
  • Improve the website crawl frequency & crawl rates (which are usually measured by varieties of metrics such as DA, CR, and many other ranks)
  • To make the website more useful to the user, the website has to serve the purpose of the user.
  • Finally, Drive free traffic to the website from search engines

Demand For SEO professionals In various regions:

Demand for SEO professionals is mostly the same everywhere across the globe, as many countries use the Google search engine majorly and the Google ads have turned out to be quite expensive for everyone meanwhile only a hand full of SEO professionals has got a very good hold on SEO and everybody else are not in a position to decide and implement things on their own, most of them must rely on someone’s opinion written on the internet and that doesn’t help or work for their industry, location or category.

Coming to India, Bangalore is the place that has a very high demand for SEO professionals then followed by Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and other cities.

Are you an SEO professional and Looking for growth?

To become a highly valuable SEO professional you may have to do the following:

  1. Work hard, work hard on as many projects as possible
  2. You have to be spending time analyzing the data that’s available from various tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and others
  3. You may need to have a very good hold on the basics in the first place, which eventually helps you to make a successful career in SEO
  4. Need to have a stronghold on search engines and their functionality
  5. You should be able to answer everything logically and technically for the every minute difference you see
  6. You have to be good at numbers
  7. You have to be good at research, analysis, and implementing the strategies accordingly

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Planning to start a career in SEO?

Yes, you can start it very well but make sure it’s the right fit for you. SEO professionals need to be highly skilled and multi-talented. A random person getting into the SEO profile will keep them as a mediocre profile only and reaching a better position is a very challenging thing. The candidates need to have good IQ’s, analytically and logically should be strong, if you are an engineering or MCA candidate its a plus, Good communication both written skills and oral communication along with all the above skills make you more suitable, so make a better choice based on your skills.

Digital marketing is vast and has many channels/platforms that you can work on, if SEO is not a right fit then some other channel could be a right fit. I suggest fresh bees spend some time understanding what suits them and helps them grow easily in their career. If you are facing difficulty in understanding what’s best for you lets us know, we access and help many to find a suitable career path. Get in touch now!

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The demand for SEO professionals is increasing and it continues to be like that forever as the demand for SEO professionals increases with the hosting of websites and their need to rank on search engines. There is a negligibly small number of websites which is been optimized for search engines and eventually at least to fix the user experience the website owners have to rely on SEO professionals’ help. SEO professionals are the core of digital marketing teams and contribute significantly high in most cases to the company revenue.

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